Founded in 1860 the company was originally called Frederick Sage and Co Ltd and based in Grays Inn Road, London WC1 as a shopfitting company. Remaining there until 1941 when their premises were destroyed in the Blitz. The Company digressed to become aeroplane makers in World War One and manufactured parts for the De Havilland Mosquito in World War Two, reverting back to shopfitting after each War. Frederick Sage carried out the refurbishment of the House of Commons following it being bombed in World War 2 (To see the brochure of this historic contract please click on the link below.) and carried out the original retail fit-out of Harrods in Knightsbridge. Many of the historic shop fronts in Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street were manufactured and fitted by Frederick Sage.

In 1996 the Pirin Group, a family run business founded in 1972 by Peter Hammond, opened  Fredereck Sage Co Ltd in its present state as a Construction Arm to their group. The directive was for Fredereck Sage to become a business based on refurbishment and fit-out contracts within the London area. The Pirin Group already had an impressive history in retail with clients such as BHS, Marks & Spencer and Iceland providing shopfitting, flooring and signage.

The new Fredereck Sage quickly secured their first contract, a refurbishment of Aquascutum’s flagship store in Regent Street, shortly followed by a contract with Lillywhites, also in Regent Street. Work for the Home Office, The Crown Estate, Save The Children and National Savings & Investments meant that the new Fredereck Sage continued to be a respected Company with High Quality Clients.

To read more about the History of Frederick Sage please click on the link for ‘The House of Sage’ which outlines the rich history over our first 100 years.