BWIC – Builders Work In Connection With

A number of our contracts are for Building Work in Connection with other services (BWIC). Below are some examples of our BWIC Projects.

M&S Various Electrical

We have recently been working alongside an electrical contractor providing builders work attendance in a roll-out of thirty stores installing new self-service tills in Marks & Spencer stores nationwide, including building new low height screens, floor repairs and ceiling works

Project Value   : £60,000.00

Duration           : 8 weeks

Client                 : R&R Electrical

M&S Various Refrigeration

We have recently finished working alongside a refrigeration consultant and project management company providing builders work attendance on twenty four M&S stores installing new CO2 plant. We provided a full builders work package incorporating, steelwork, craneage, specialist plant moving services, flooring and ceiling works  to ensure a smooth delivery on a tight roll-out programme of stores is the south of England.

Project Value   : £130,000.00

Duration            : 7 weeks

Client                 : Abbey Design Associates

BT Harmondsworth

Providing site management to the asbestos removal contractor, the project involve the removal of an asbestos ceiling in a data centre and we were involved in the design and reinstatement of a new fire rated ceiling.

Project Value     : £72,000.00

Duration              : 5 weeks

Client                    :   Silverdell

Tesco Weston Favell

Providing site management to the refrigeration contractor, the project involved renewal of all refrigerated cases and plant, incorporating a new steel plant deck, forming new access to roof areas, opening and reinstating service routes.

Project Value     : £52,000.00

Duration              : 10 weeks

Client                    : Project First